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Solar Tower concept

The EnviroMission Solar Tower is based on a simple concept: hot air rises. EnviroMissions proprietary technology consists of four parts: (1) the collector, (2) the tower, (3)  the ground or the absorber plate, and (4) electricity-generating turbines. The collector functions as a large greenhouse, trapping solar radiation beneath the canopy and converting it to heat in and on the ground or absorber plate. The volume of air under the collector expands due to the heat input and in accordance with the funneled geometry of the canopy and the buoyancy of the heated volume, the hot air is drawn through the turbines and up int a centralised tower. The height of the tower creates an updraft, or an additional driving force for the air to escape, maximizing EnviroMissions electricity generation and performance capability. Similar to a household chimney or a fired heater stack, the resulting low pressure from the hot air leaving the tower draws more air in from the perimeter of the collector with the system subsequently operating in perpetuality. The kinetic energy of the heated air’s movement is converted to power by the electricity-generating turbines located at the base of the tower. Throughout the day, heat from the sun becomes stored in the absorber plate beneath the collector. As the sun sets, this stored energy continues to heat the volume of air beneath the collector, generating the temperature differential necessary to maintain convection, producing power 24-hours a day. The heat storage can be engineered to create a tailored demand profile that meets a utility's specific requirements.

The Solar Tower – A Truly Sustainable Solution .