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DOVET (Dynamic Optimization and Verification Engineering Tool) is a proprietary mathematical model developed by EnviroMission. It has been coded with a system of linear and non-linear equations which define the operation of the plant and allow for the Solar Tower configuration to be optimized. The basis for DOVET relies heavily on the IP generated by EnviroMission through the years.  The dimensions of the Solar Tower have already improved (reduced) considerably 55% reduction in the collector area 20% reduction in tower height. Greater improvements are expected in the next phase of DOVET development with the initial goal to reduce the height of a tower to less than 500m tall and the diameter of the  collector to less than 3000m wide. As DOVET evolves, enhancements, upgrades and future EnviroMission intellectual property (IP) will be modelled in near real-time.  Ultimately DOVET will be utilized to compliment the necessary  computational fluid dynamics required for the final detailed design and engineering and will assist in the creation and validation of unique and wholly owned EnviroMission IP.

Please click on the link below to view a comprehensive presentation relating to DOVET and its capabilities by EnviroMisson's Chief Technology Advisor, Ms Valerie Schafer, P.E.                                                                                                                                      Click Here.